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Web Content Accessibility of the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs

You are at the official website for the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs. We are are making serious efforts to facilitate our web content being accessible to all people including those with disabilities. We would like to hear from you, your user-experience in visiting this website. Your remarks can help us improve this website technically as well in terms content. You may also come across accidental errors or broken links and we request you to help us locate and rectify such mistakes that occur despite the best of our effort. Please use the Contact Us page to communicate with us and thank you for this.

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    To ensure that you can locate the information you need easily, the contents and features of this website have been grouped based on themes and your profiles. Various components have been placed in similar location and in standard styles to increase familiarity so that navigation to specific part of this website is easier for you.

  • Font readability

    You can increase the font size for comfortable reading by pressing Control and + key several times till they are comfortable reading the text. They can also view the window in full screen by pressing the F11 key (or click on ‘View’ option from the toolbar, then choose ‘full screen’).

  • Changing the text size and screen resolution

    Depending on which web browser you are using, this can be done in the following ways :
    Internet Explorer: select View > Text size Mozilla Firefox: select View > Zoom Opera: select View > Zoom Safari: select View > Make text [Bigger / Smaller / Normal Size] Alternatively you can change the resolution of your computer screen to make the entire screen display bigger or smaller. Depending on which sort of computer you are using, this can be done in the following ways: Microsoft Windows computer: select Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings Apple Macintosh computer: select System Preferences > Displays > Resolution

  • KEYBOARD Settings and Shortcuts:

    You can enable the keyboard-based access controls in your operating system in order to access the website using only keyboard-based short cut keys instead of using your mouse which some users prefer to.

    The following are the settings and instructions for Microsoft Windows Operating System environment:

    • F1: Display the help file for the current programme.
    • F4: Repeat the last action F11: View page content in Full Screen view.
    • Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action Tab: to navigate between Web page elements.
    • Alt + Tab: Switch between currently running programs.
    • Windows key + D: Show your desktop.
    • Windows key + E: Start Windows Explorer.
    • Windows key + U: Open the 'Ease of Access Center', to change accessibility options on your computer.
    • Ctrl + C: Copy selected text/graphics to the clipboard.
    • Ctrl + V: Paste text/graphics from the clipboard.
    • Ctrl + X: Cut selected text/graphics (a copy is saved to the clipboard).
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    • Alt + letter: Activate the menu represented by a particular letter that is underlined in the menu bar.
    • For example, you can access the Alt + F = Activate ‘File' drop-down menu.

    The following are the settings and instructions for APPLE MAC Operating System environment Command + Shift+?: Open Mac Help.

    • Command + Z: Undo / Redo.
    • Command + N: Create a new document in the front-most application/ new window in a browser.
    • Command + Q: Quit the front-most application. Option-Command + M: Minimize all windows of the active application to the Dock.
    • Option-Command + C: Copy the style of the selected text.
    • Command + V: Paste the Clipboard contents at the insertion point.
    • Command + X: Remove the selection and store in the Clipboard.
    • Control + F5: Move focus to the toolbar.
    • F 10: Show all windows in selected application.
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    • Option-Command + M: Minimize all windows.
  • Using your keyboard to navigate:

    It is easy to navigate our website using your keyboard keys. This can be done using the following keys:

    • Arrow keys to scroll up or down the page
    • Tab key to move between links
    • Return or Enter key to select a link
  • Links / Image texts

    In case you cannot view the images, wherever possible, this website provides alternative text components to graphical elements like logo, pictures, labels, etc. that make it easier for screen-reader software to describe the contents. This helps the blind people who use such software to get a fair idea about relative graphic web elements.

  • Browser compatibility

    We assure that the contents of this website have been designed to suit most of the commonly used web browsers. Appropriate attributes and tags have been used in the web-coding so as to ensure clear use of language components and smooth transformation of table elements in both old and new technical environments of the browsers. This website has been tested with most common web browsers namely, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and FireFox. As this website uses JavaScript codes, you are kindly requested to enable your browser setting to run this component in order to enjoy a smooth experience while browsing this website.

  • File formats

    Keeping the design of the website device-independent has enabled the contents of this website to read by any, user-agent or document reader. This means that users can interact with the website through their preferred input or output device including command line inputs. The forms section of this website contains documents either in Microsoft™ Word format or Adobe™ PDF format as indicated by the icon. It also provides links to download the Reader Software, so visitors can install these free-readers and view the downloaded files.

  • Mouse-free navigation

    This website enables you to use only the keys of the keyboard to browse around the pages and forms avoiding the use of the mouse to navigate. Press the tab key to work through the links on the page, hold down the shift key and press tab to go back through the links. When you select a link press Enter to go to the page. To go back a page press backspace button.

  • Social media channels

    We encourage you to interact with us using popular social media channels such as Facebook , and Twitter. Kindly participate in our discussions and help us to improve our services to you.