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Ministerial Decisions

Ministerial Decisions are currently available in Arabic only.

NoEntityDecisionTitleOfficial Gazette
1Tax Authority78/2020Regarding the Rules for Automated Exchange of the Information of Financial Accounts1358
2Royal Oman Police216/2020Issuing the Working System of the National Centre for Financial Information 1357
3Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources220/2020Banning the Import of Live Birds from Australia1357
4Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources221/2020Lifting the Ban on the Import of Live Birds from the State of South Carolina in the United States of America1357
5Ministry of Commerce and IndustryCorrection1353
6Telecommunications Regulatory Authority66/2020Amending Some Provisions of the Regulation Governing the Registration and Use of Radio Frequency and Devices and Determining their Prices1353
7Ministry of Health113/2020Issuing the Executive Regulation of the Law Governing the Practice of the Pharmacy Profession and Pharmacy Enterprises1353
8Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries208/2020Banning the Import of Crustaceans from the People's Republic of China1353
9Ministry of Manpower255/2020Governing the Recruitment of Non-Omani Manpower in Private Sector Establishments Operating in Carpentry, Blacksmithing, and Aluminum Workshop Activities1353
10Telecommunications Regulatory Authority59/2020Amending Some Provisions of Decision 70/2013 regarding the Rules of Ex Post Regulation (Anti-competitive Behaviour) 1352
11Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs557/2020Issuing the Hajj Affairs Regulation1352
12Capital Market Authorityخ/34/2020Issuing the Regulation Governing the Activity of Health Insurance Claims Management1351
13هيئة تنظيم قطاع الكهرباء والمياه المرتبطة به4/2020Issuing the Electrity Service Subscribers Rights Protection Regulation1351
14Ministry of Commerce and Industry90/2020Regarding the Appointment of the Members of the Grievance Committee1351
15Ministry of Sports Affairs146/2020Announcing the Establishment of the Oman Table Tennis Association and Adopting Its Constitution1351
16Ministry of Sports Affairs147/2020Announcing the Establishment of the Oman Cycling Association and Adopting Its Constitution1351
17Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources485/2020Regarding the Controls for Stray and Abandoned Animals1351
18Tax Authority51/2020Issuing the Executive Regulation of the Excise Tax Law1350
19Ministry of Commerce and Industry84/2020Deeming International, Foreign, and Gulf Standard Specifications as Binding Omani Standard Specifications1350
20Ministry of Commerce and Industry85/2020Amending Some Provisions of Ministerial Decision 74/2001 Determining the Fees for Industrial and Commercial Licences1350