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Competences of the Ministry of Legal Affairs

The competences of the Ministry of Legal Affairs have been specified in accordance with Royal Decree 14/94 as follows:

  • Develop the laws and legislative regulations to support the renaissance of the Sultanate in coordination with other relevant ministries and government units.
  • Prepare draft royal decrees and laws and carry out the procedures necessary for their issuance.
  • Review draft royal decrees, laws, regulations, and ministerial decisions submitted by all ministries and government units prior to their issuance, and publish them in the Official Gazette.
  • Study and review draft conventions and treaties which the government intends to conclude, and advise the government prior to the entry into any existing conventions and treaties.
  • Review contracts that impose a financial obligation exceeding half a million Omani Rial prior to their signature by any government body in accordance with Article 24 of the Law of the Regulation the Administrative System of the State.
  • Issue legal opinions and official interpretations of royal decrees, laws, regulations, and ministerial decisions as required with the view of enforcing legal concepts, unifying their understanding, and facilitating the application of their provisions.
  • Safeguard the interests of the government in disputes arising out of the performance of contracts related to it.
  • Issue the Official Gazette and determine the suitable content to be published in it in accordance with the law.
  • Represent the government in international and regional organizations and conferences relating to legal affairs.
  • Any other matter referred to it by His Majesty the Sultan.
  • Train and qualify Omani employees working in the Ministry.